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To create a successful sales order, you are required to be a registered user of www.8mobile.com.

By accepting these TERMS & CONDITIONS, you agree:

8 Mobile Limited ensure all details submitted by you are stored securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


a) To create a sales contract you need to select the product you wish to sell. We in turn will advise you of the maximum price we can pay for that product. The maximum price for the product is valid for eight days from 23:59 hours on the day that you submit the sales order. If within these eight days, we have not received your mobile phone(s), the sales process will need be re-initiated.

b) You will automatically be sent a pre paid envelope to the address stated in your sales order. There is no obligation for you send the product to us; however in doing so, this does not guarantee a payment of the maximum price, as set out below.

c) We do not accept responsibility for mobile phones lost or damaged in the post, therefore we recommend that you pack your phone in a way to minimise damage during transit and to use additional insurance (more information can be found on www.royalmail.com)

d) Upon receipt of the product, we will need to verify the following:

Working Handsets:

On failing any of the above requirements, we will deem your handset as "Non-Working".

Non-Working Handsets:

Should the handset fail to meet these requirements, the product shall be deemed as BER (Beyond Economical Repair) and will have no recycling value.

e) The mobile phone will be put through our security check. If the mobile phone has been blacklisted (reported as lost or stolen) you will be contacted and given the opportunity to provide proof of ownership. If we do not receive proof of ownership within 28 days of request, the mobile phone will be disposed of. Acceptable proof of ownership would be documentation such as supplier contract or written confirmation from the Police showing that the IMEI is incorrectly registered as stolen. The documentation would need to show that the matching unique IMEI number of the mobile phone sold is your property. If proof of ownership is provided, and you wish to continue with the sales process, the status of the mobile phone would need to be changed (details of who to contact will be provided).If considerable time has elapsed, you will be provided a revised quotation. Please note that notwithstanding the above a mobile phone can become blacklisted at any time. If this occurs from the date a payment is issued to you, we reserve the right to demand any payment issued to you be returned.

f) Upon successful confirmation of the above points, we will issue payment in accordance with the terms below, if there are any faults with the phone we may either return it to you or offer you a revised price, you will be notified by email, and will have 8 days from the date of that email to reject or accept this offer. If confirmation is not received by us as per the instructions within 8 working days, we will dispose of the product as we see fit. If you reject the offer, we will dispatch the phone to you within 14 days. Please note we do not accept liability for loss or damages IN POST.

g) Please note, we do not require any accessories to be sent along with the product, this will not increase the value of the offer made; nor will we be able to return these at any stage after receipt.

h) It is your responsibility to remove any SIM Cards and/or Memory Cards from the phone and to erase any data stored on it before it is sent to us. If any SIM card is sent with the phone, 8 Mobile Limited will not be responsible for any charges incurred on that SIM. Any SIM and /or Memory card sent with a phone will not be returned and will be destroyed. We will also not be able to provide any data stored on any device received.

i) Please remove any phone passwords, lock/security or pin codes off your handsets before sending them to 8mobile. If we receive your handsets and cannot fully test them due to a lock or security code we will attempt to call and/or email you for the codes. If we do not get a reply within 48 hours your phones will be downgraded and processed as non-working


a) If you accept our offer made during the sales process and your phone complies with our terms and conditions, we will make THE PAYMENT by BACS, to your selected bank/building society account provided by you at the time of registration. Please ensure your details are correct as we will not recall or reissue any payments once made.

b) Upon making payment, all ownership rights for the product will transfer to 8 Mobile Limited, hence completing the sales contract.

c) In most instances, dependent on all requirements being met, we aim to credit the agreed amount within 48 hours (excluding weekends and national holidays). It can take up to 3 working days before this is reflected in your bank/building society account. If you have not received payment by the end of the 3rd working day, you should notify US within 48 hours.

d) All payments are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate at the date of contract.


a) As a member of www.8mobile.com you will be able to post feedback for other users of the site to view. Please note that any inappropriate/abusive feedback will be removed. If we believe that it is necessary, due to the seriousness or repetition of inappropriate/abusive FEEDBACK, membership to the site may be terminated.


Please note we will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of our obligations above due to circumstances beyond our control.

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